14 FEB (6:30 PM) TO 10 MAR 2019 | 5:00-10:00 PM
COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION BY Marta Pombo, Sofia Passadouro AND Thomas Mendonça
CURATORSHIP BY Thomas Mendonça


The courage of being fragile, of having weaknesses and yet, of still lying down facing the light. The courage of relating and sharing with each other, at any cost. The courage of exposing ourselves and the exposure of that same courage. The courage of crying, but above all, the courage of crying in public and reveal every tear. So that the world could see them, so that you could see them as well. In fact, they are all for you. Take them with you and drench yourself in them. Here is where I leave them, along with all these words I’ve written you. I do not remember whether it was hard for me to tell you or for you to listen at the time, so I wrote them so that you could read them one day. Take them now and leave me. Leave me here with my heart which will be worn inside out today. Until I can digest you, my stomach will too be worn inside out. You have taken away my will to eat and replaced it with my will to write, soon my will to love you shall return as well.

Closed on Mondays

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