s.p.q.r. – a favola da medusa
22 seP 2018 | 21h30 | TEATRO TABORDA


A Favola da Medusa is a variable improvised music formation founded in 2010 by Filipe Homem Fonseca and Miguel Martins. Over the years, it has signed several soundtracks. In 2015, the group edited the CD Dada Dandy, on the British Slam Records, which would receive the highest praise from international critics. Over the years, names such as the saxophonists George Haslam and Beverley Chadwick, the singers Anabela Duarte, Mariana Abrunheiro and Swala Emati, or the writers Alberto Velho Nogueira, John Mateer and A.M. J. Crawford, among many others, have been part of the Favola da Medusa.
The present performance, entitled S.P.Q.R., counts on the following formation: Ana Água and Miguel Martins (performance); Filipe Homem Fonseca (terapim); Ana Isabel Dias (harp); José Anjos (drums).

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