Public Presentation of the Teen Theatre Club
9 & 10 JUN 2018 | 9:30p.m. | TEATRO TABORDA



Apocalyptic conference of carnival features. A rehearsal room, a sculpture studio, a cinematographic landscape collapsing, photographs in motion of possible revolutions, collapsing conflicts. Europe, the daughter of a great monster, remains the same, awaiting its true resumption. The ghosts arise as Pina Bausch continues to dance in her Café Muller, perhaps Shakespeare appears, while Hamlet continues to search for himself, the true self. The theatre as a space of rupture of the convention, of discovering a new vision, like Rimbaud who at 16 created a monument of revolutionary possibilities. A show of choreographic words, actions of sculpture, bodies that do not pretend to be actors or actresses but simply artists. The artist as an existentialist condition of relationship with the world that surpasses hope and builds a true space of action, the incomprehensible movement that separates the human being from the mediocre cyclical condition of history and recovers the unpronounceable state, the original place of the Self.
feel. Doubt time and space. After all, the only thing this is … is Theatre.

Tiago Vieira


Written and directed by Tiago Vieira Excerpts from “Desertos”, by Carlos J. Pessoa Teen Theatre Club Participants André Salvaterra, Beatriz Pereira, David Peres, Joana Vicente, João Almeida, Leonor Wiborg de Carvalho, Maria Aguiar, Mariana Ferreira, Nuno Souto, Rafaela Malheiro, Sara Pereira, Zenan Chen Coordination, Production and Set up Teatro da Garagem


ALL ON STAGE IN JUNE! is a cycle promoted by Teatro da Garagem, in which the Company invites to come up on stage the people with whom a work of proximity and continuity is established throughout the year at Teatro Taborda. It is in this context that the Junior, Teen and Senior Theatre Clubs of Teatro da Garagem publicly present the developed work. The Theatre Clubs aim at promoting the passion for theatre the artistic practices, revealing the theatrical universe and the fantastic possibilities that it upholds. It is intended that children, teenagers and adults experience the various mechanisms that make up the theatrical show.

Teatro da Garagem’s Theatre Clubs are one of the visible and active features of the Company’s Educational Service, which, in parallel with a set of Theatre workshops aimed at the younger and older audiences, seek at bringing the theatre closer to the community. This movement of mutual knowledge constitutes for Teatro da Garagem a decisive factor in the access to culture, that we believe is of all and for all.

This year the Cycle also includes the presentation of the CoLeGaS concert – Lesbian, Gay and Sympathisers Choir of ILGA Portugal, within the scope of the Pride’s 22nd edition.

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