UNTIL 22 FEB 2019



Have you translated to the Portuguese Language plays that were written less than 5 years ago and have never been taken to the stage?
Then this Open Call is for you!

Send your translation to the Portuguese Committee of the European Network for Drama in Translation – EURODRAM, an informal network that aims to promote the translation and dissemination of contemporary theatre texts among the many partners in Europe, the Mediterranean and Central Asia.
In 2019, the Portuguese Committee of EURODRAM will select three translations to the Portuguese-Language of theatre texts written less than 5 years ago, which have never been staged. The selected translations will be read publicly in one of the Reading Cycles promoted by Teatro da Garagem, in Teatro Taborda (see previous initiatives here). This year, one of the sessions of the Theatrical Book Club, which results from a joint initiative between the Teatro Académico Gil Vicente and Escola da Noite, will also include the reading of one of the selected translations. In addition to the public readings of the translations in Lisbon and Coimbra, these translations will also be sent to the general coordination of the EURODRAM network in Paris. The EURODRAM network works in partnership with numerous structures in Europe, the Mediterranean and Central Asia, entering a dynamic of authors’ residency, of translators’ assistance and of search for international partners.
In order for your application to be considered valid, you must fill in the APPLICATION FORM, and send it by email to, by February 22, 2019, the following documents: the full translation; the original text [written less than 5 years ago and never staged]; biographical note of the translator; biographical note of the author; technical sheet (date and place of writing and translating, list of characters and their brief characterization, reference to prizes and previous dissertations); author’s written statement on how they are aware of the translation; other relevant supplementary information.
The selection will be made according to the quality of the text and its translation by the Portuguese Committee of EURODRAM which is coordinated by Maria João Vicente and constituted by Alexandra Moreira da Silva, Carolina Mano, Fernando Matos de Oliveira, Guilhermina Jorge, Helena Simões, José António Costa Ideas, Mickael Oliveira, Nuno Cardoso and Nuno M Cardoso. The results will be published on the Eurodram PT Facebook page and on the website until March 15, 2019.

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