ET – Workshop of Theatrical Expression

Puppet Construction and Manipulation Workshop
With Historioscopio Puppet Theatre
Instructors Samantha Simões & Filipe Moreira/em>

17 & 18 APR 2018 | 10:30 a.m. & 14h30 p.m. | Teatro Taborda



The ET is a creative workshop aimed at young children that promotes learning through the construction and manipulation of puppets. Respecting the freedom and the imagination of each participant, this workshop invites to a journey across space, through animated forms and theatre. It is from this playful and creative universe that we propose to each participant the possibility of creating a new world and new thoughts.


The Historioscopio Puppet Theatre begins in 2013 as a traveling company primarily aimed at children and families. Historioscopio serves a diverse repertoire of shows, giving special attention to the universe of puppets and animated forms, as a vehicle for playful and theatrical communication. Its shows and workshops are intended to stimulate imagination and freedom of thought on fictional, historical or current issues.

For children from 6 aos 12 Anos
25 participants / session

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