91 THEATRE PRODUCTION BY Teatro da Garagem
COPRODUCER Teatro Nacional São João
2018 TOUR 
24 TO 28 oCt 2018 | TNSJ – Teatro Carlos Alberto [Oporto]
7 to 11 NoV 2018


Display is a theatre show about the art of theatre. Art, understood as a gesture of “poetic construction”, as the world’s elucubration, has taken a marginal place in contemporary society, mainly dictated by statistical criteria subordinated to economic values. Theatrical art, in its turn, survives, through its love for the collective, the Theatre Company, the gathering of people who become accomplices at an excessive task, as a stronghold of resistance to the consumerist avalanche and the superficiality of reception.
Display stubbornly seeks to be a lasting object in a time of snapshots, quick consumption, short memory, hedonistic pursuit, in a perpetual zapping.
Display is perhaps another “masochistic” object of Teatro da Garagem, following Boris Groys’ line of thought: an object in permanent and repeated pleasure in the search for revelation, indifferent to brands or other formulas of success, of doubtful duration and depth. The “masochistic” object, according to Groys’ joyful formulation, which we cherish, is tinged with discreet, subtle collusion, with little disguised melancholic irony, and indifferent to forms of statistical legitimation.
For Display to exist, for it to last and make sense, there is a recognition of freedom that urges; it is this creative freedom that we appreciate, that we cherish, and that we want to return in the form of a show, of a diverse, plural and problematic mirror.

Carlos J. Pessoa

Written and Directed by Carlos J. Pessoa Acting Ana Palma, André Simões, Emanuel Arada, Ma Xinyun, Maria João Vicente and Rita Monteiro Live & Original Music Daniel Cervantes Set & Costume Design Sérgio Loureiro Light Design Nuno Samora Light Operation Manuel Abrantes Photography Marília Maia e Moura and Carolina Mano Production Director Maria João Vicente Production, Communication and Subtitles Carolina Mano

With the support of Lisbon City Council, EGEAC, Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior Financed by Direção-Geral das Artes, Portuguese Government | Ministry of Culture Coproduction National Theatre São João

90 minutes long | 16+

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