96 THEATRE PRODUCTION BY Teatro da Garagem
COPRODUCTION Teatro Municipal de Bragança
WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THE PROJECT O Teatro e as Serras FROM THE Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte
ARTISTIC RESIDENCY #1 | 5 TO 9 sePtembER 2018 
Trás-os-Montes [Bragança, Vinhais AND Montalegre]

[1] s. m. clandestine introduction of products diverted to the rights; products that form the contraband; suspicious and poor people; prohibited trade. (From it. . contrabbando, «id.»).
[2] s.m. group of individuals of opinion contrary to that of another group. (Decontra+bando).
“contrabando”, in Dictionary of the Portuguese Language [6th Edition], Porto Editora

The theatre production Contraband is part of the programme O Teatro e as Serras, within the framework of the Portugal Participatory Budget 2017, promoted by the Government of Portugal, through the North Region Delegation of Culture. O Teatro e as Serras aims at contributing to the development of a set of hubs of theatre activity, organized according to the mountainous landscape of Trás-os-Montes, as an inclusive geographic element. In this context, Teatro Municipal de Bragança, responsible for implementing the programme in the mountainous areas of Montesinho and Coroa, has invited Teatro da Garagem to develop a research and artistic project in the Municipalities of Bragança, Vinhais and Montalegre.

Teatro da Garagem and Teatro Municipal de Bragança which this year celebrate their 30 and 15 years of activity, respectively, have been developing a continuous work of partnership, having the cultural and human landscape of Trás-os-Montes as background. If, on the one hand, a territory corresponds to a physical determination of a delimited geographical area, on the other hand, that determination is also defined by the relationships established between different individuals or groups, in a dynamic, affective and cultural perspective. Teatro da Garagem will be elaborating on this living heritage to create this artistic project on the topic of contraband at the border. Through revisiting the topic of contraband, the Company aims at giving visibility to this practice, not in a museological sense, but rather in an attempt of bringing to life a cultural legacy, transmitted from generation to generation, which embodies, in a poetic and artistic construction, the history of a place. A physical and affective place, relating to both individual and collective memory.

Written and Directed by Carlos J. Pessoa Assistant Director Ana Palma Acting Ana Palma, André Simões, Lara Matos, Tiago Bôto, Tiago Filipe and Rita Monteiro Original Music Daniel Cervantes Set and Costume Design Sérgio Loureiro Light Design Nuno Samora Light Technician Manuel Abrantes Production Director Maria João Vicente Production and Communication Carolina Mano Assistant Producer Joana Rodrigues Photo and Video Eduardo Pessoa, Joana Rodrigues and Marília Maia e Moura
With the support of Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, EGEAC, Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior Financed by Governo de Portugal l Ministério de Cultura e Direção-Geral das Artes
Coproducer Teatro Municipal de Bragança
Within the scope of the programme “O Teatro e as Serras” from the Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte 

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