clearly speaking 
Saber Maior – senior University of
jf Santa Maria Maior
oct 2018 to JUl 2019 | Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior, Lisbon


Communication between people is a process of information exchange that can be established in a variety of ways. When we communicate, we transform thoughts, ideas and feelings into signs that are recognized by both parties – emitter and receiver.
In order to communicate we use the voice, the body, writing, thought and argumentation with the purpose of exchanging information that allow us to socialize and live better with each other. Thus, active listening, tolerance and discursive clarity (from a technical perspective and with the ability of organizing ideas) are fundamental to understanding others and making ourselves understood.
If it is true that it is through talking that we understand one another, it is also true that there are often misunderstandings because we do not explain our points of view effectively or because we do not listen to the arguments of others, trying to understand what, in fact, they want to tell us.
Clearly Speaking aims at contributing to improve the ability of communication and understanding between people.

Directed and Coordinated by Maria João Vicente  


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