DRAWINGS BY Thomas Mendonça
4 oCt TO 4 nov 2018 | tUE TO SUN, 15h – 23h

[Inauguração 4 outubro, às 18h30]

#babes – family of coloured pencil portraits on quadrangular paper.
All the drawings are based on photographs collected in the social network that most fuels the speed of image consumption. From my own image and from the image of the other, in which I recognise myself for some reason. I crystallise it by portraying you. Because your face tends to stay longer in my paper than on the screen of any smartphone.
I exist a little through each one of them, for they are the lens, the mirror and the other side of the mirror.
These babes are women, men, boys, girls, skinheads, a tan line or a pair of nipples. They inspire me because they are #queens, #beautyqueens, #dragqueens and #dramaqueens. They are irreverent decadent stars – eternal though fragile – sometimes nude and beautiful, even without an arm.
 Thomas Mendonça

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