Alberto Velho Nogueira

17 MAY 2018 | 7:00p.m. | TEATRO TABORDA


Release of the most recent book of essays by Alberto Velho Nogueira, composed of several articles on critique of literature and the arts in general.


Writer. Editor. The books by Alberto Velho Nogueira are not available in bookstores, except for exceptions. The “Homem à Janela” publishes the works of Alberto Velho Nogueira, without going through the usual choices that publishers make, according to guidelines, economic or not, which are only justified by the fact that editors depend and belong more and more to the markets based on the commercial exploitation of the fictional. The works by Alberto Velho Nogueira do not belong to the usual categories of literature nor to the valuation systems that the markets of economic-commercial tendency, the critique in general and institutional critique seek. The critique is exercised in a demonstration of itself and its limits, except for a few cases. The markets that work for success are founders of mental conditioning. Institutional markets operate in a closed circle and for the defence of conventional values. Writings that represent an autonomous tendency of fiction literature are rare today.


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