11 TO 14 JULY 2019
[THU, FRI, SAT AND SUN | 9:00 P.M.]




Acceleration is divided into 15 scenes, which correspond to 15 diferent themes, according to the following script:

 1st Scene — Those Who Debate
Theme: What can be the theatre?

2nd Scene —  Four Roads Way
Theme: Memory

3rd Scene — Those Who Debate
Theme: What can be a person? 

4th Scene — Those Who Reconcile
Theme: Affinity

5th Scene — Birds Chirping in an Empty Pavilion
Theme: Cruelty 

6th Scene — Those Who Debate
Theme: Solitude 

7th Scene — Orchids and Black Notebooks
Theme: Innocence 

8th Scene — The Father and the Son that Reconcile
Theme: Love 

9th Scene — Those Who Debate
Theme: Hypocrisy 

10th Scene — The Spring Reconciliation
 Theme: Courage

 11th Scene — Those Who Debate
Theme: The Foam of the Days 

12th Scene — Julieta and Romeu
Theme: Passion

 13th Scene — Those Who Debate
Theme: To Be, Not to Be or  Go on Being?

 14th Scene — I Have a Problem with Cacém
Theme: City

 15th Scene — San Sepolcro
Theme: Dream


ACCELERATION is the show that celebrates the 30th anniversary of Teatro da Garagem. ACCELERATION is an anthropophysical conjecture, which explores the scenic possibility of intersecting the Christian Faith, because, uncontrolled, it runs through our veins, with Quantum Mechanics. We speak of Faith in people, as particles, which can be so many, that are all, past, present and future, and so different from each other. In this show, we bring together all these people, adults, actors, teens, children, mass of particles in acceleration. Will Faith and Quantum Mechanics be derivations of the same miracle of Reconciliation; of the fraternal bridge, of solitary solidarity? Is there a Memory that expands and contracts, beyond us, a legacy that becomes effective, in Acceleration’s power, frenzy and slowness? From Acceleration to Reconciliation, we continue to experience this anthropophysical conjecture, in which Theatrical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics meet. Will this effort, this delusion, this tacit agreement, this crucifixion, this 30 year celebration of Teatro da Garagem be worth it? Years we live by, that are ours and do not belong to us? Years that have been, and are, giving, fading and commotion? We do not know nothing, nor do we have the right to demand anything. That is accurate, that’s enough for us.

Thank you.

Carlos J. Pessoa


Written and Directed  by Carlos J. Pessoa
Assistant Director | Ana Palma
Acting | Ana Palma, Constança Carvalho Neto, Diogo Lopes, Emanuel Arada, Miguel Damião, Rita Monteiro and Tiago Bôto

Junior Theatre Club directed by por Rita Monteiro
Participants from Teatro da Garagem’s Junior Theatre Club | Aline Marques, Anneke Martins, Carlota Nascimento, Carolina Marques, Francisco Silva, Inês Reis, Íris Almeida, Júlia Coelho, Laura Henriques, Manuel Pessoa, Matilde Fernandes, Matilde Gonçalves, Miguel Almeida and Simone Domingues
Teen Theatre Club directed by Tiago Bôto
Participants from Teatro da Garagem’s Teen Theatre Club | Catarina Câmara, Gabriela Rodrigues, Gonçalo Fonseca, Jiayi Chen, João Almeida, Lillye Martins, Matilde Henriques, Miguel Fabião, Neuza Figueiredo and Nuno Antunes
Senior Theatre Club directed by por Ana Palma
Participants from Teatro da Garagem’s Senior Theatre Club | Akiyo Matsumoto, Alexandre Neves, Ana Maria Pereira, Ana Maria Rodrigues, Elsa Venturini, Graça Oliveira, Isabel Aires, Isabel Coimbra, José Pedro Magalhães, Júlia Catita, Júlio Reis, Liliana Pedro, Maria Luísa Guerreiro, Marina Preguiça, Paula Pimentel, Rui Almeida, Rui Fernandes, Sónia Castro and Vanessa Velosa

Original Music (live) and Sound Effects | Daniel Cervantes
Set and Costume Design | Sérgio Loureiro
Scenographic Construction | Tudo Faço – Construção e Montagem de Cenários Lda
Light Design | Nuno Samora
Technical Support | Carolina Elvira and Manuel Abrantes
Production Director | Maria João Vicente
Production and Communication | Carolina Mano
Assistant Producers | Joana Rodrigues e Marta Ascenso
Intern | Bruna Costa

Photography | Alípio Padilha
Video | TEMPER

With support of Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, EGEAC, Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior
Financed by| Direção-Geral das Artes, Governo de Portugal | Ministério da Cultura

+12 | 120 min approximately

+351 924213570 | +351 218854190

10,00€ – normal ticket
5,00€ – ticket with discount for professionals of Theatre, students of Theatre, over 65 and residents on the neighbourhood

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