Teatro da Garagem is a Theatre Company that celebrates 30 years of regular activity in 2019, and which has dedicated its work to the research and experimentation of new theatrical forms, through an original dramatic writing and its staging. The issue of recognition and communication, through Theatre, has triggered throughout the course of the Company’s existence a sense of questioning and innovation that can be synthesized in the concept of Openness. This openness presupposes two ramifications: Openness to other artforms, in the influx of an “intermedial” dynamic, which is central in the vulgarization of the digital paraphernalia and respective sociological, anthropological, political and, above all, aesthetic impacts; Openness of the traditional niche of “theatre makers” to other artists of different generations, who together contribute to a challenging revival of the Company. Through both the “historic” and new collaborators, the Company assumes change as a natural condition, without losing, however, the specificity of the deep and fertile artistic experience.

Teatro da Garagem began, as the name implies, its activity in a garage in the outskirts of Lisbon, a hybrid zone, mixture of landscapes and landmarks which influenced in an indelible way the work of the Company and the writing of his playwright, director and artistic director, Carlos J. Pessoa. The trail of Teatro da Garagem has been recognised by the audience, the critics, the cultural institutions and government structures, which, on the one hand, has given greater solidity and cultural dimension to the project and, on the other hand, added an extra responsibility towards the community. The artistic project becomes, in a more visible way, a Public Service project.

During its 29 years of activity, Teatro da Garagem organised its artistic work through different cycles, which corresponded to specific creative moments and to the social and technological transformations of the World. The public recognition of the Company’s work was manifested through the loyalty of the audiences, the prizes received, and the support given by the Ministry of Culture. Since 1996, Teatro da Garagem has developed through the Educational Service a set of pedagogical and artistic activities with children, adolescents and the elderly.

Since 2005/2006 Teatro da Garagem is the resident Company of the Teatro Taborda, as a result of an invitation by the EGEAC and the Lisbon City Council.